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Monday, 22 December 2014 14:56

Taking on the Taliban

ON Dec 16, the Taliban attacked an army school in Peshawar and killed 132 children and nine adults. Eight terrorists dressed in military uniform penetrated the school’s well-guarded perimeter and opened fire on the students and school personnel. Pakistani army commandos fought the intruders for several hours before killing the last attacker. The assault on the military school was the single deadliest attack in the Taliban’s history.................Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)




Wednesday, 10 December 2014 15:00

Suicide bombings are un-Islamic

SUICIDE falls under the Quranic prohibition of killing without a just cause simply because a Muslim does not have the right to take his own life. Since life is a God-given gift, it may not be subjected to destruction and abuse even by oneself. This is why syariah prohibits suicide as a heinous sin for which the perpetrator is liable, in the event of an unsuccessful attempt, to a deterrent penalty of ta’zir. If the attempt succeeds, the person is still liable...............Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)


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Friday, 19 April 2013 19:07

Q&A on Islamic Jihad

Assoc. Prof. Imam Mohamad Abdalla (Griffith University, Australia) speaks on Australian TV Channel ABC program "Q&A: Islamic Jihad ".


Islamic Jihad


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I write this letter on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War on behalf of my fellow Iraq War veterans. I write this letter on behalf of the 4,488 soldiers and Marines who died in Iraq. I write this letter on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of veterans who have been wounded and on behalf of those whose wounds, physical and psychological, have destroyed their lives. I am one of those gravely wounded. I was paralyzed in an insurgent ambush in 2004 in Sadr City. My life is coming to an end. I am living under hospice care.............Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)

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Afghan President Hamid Karzai flew to Egypt from Oslo on February 5, after signing a strategic Partnership Agreement with Norway. He arrived in Cairo to attend the 12th summit meeting of the 57-member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that began on February 6 with leaders from 56 Islamic nations, excluding Syria, gathered in Cairo to push for a solution to the Syrian crisis............. Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)