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A Media Conference was held at 10.00 am, Wednesday, 22 May 2013 at the Perdana Leadership Foundation, Putrajaya, Malaysia to launch a Joint Appeal to Sunnis and Shias Muslims by His Excellency, Dr.

Mahathir bin Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia (1981-2003) and His Excellency S. Muhammad Khatami, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran (1997-2005) aimed at ending violence, bloodshed and killings between Sunnis and Shias.


Please follow the link below for the streaming of this media conference:



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Thursday, 29 August 2013 00:00

Innovative Pakistani mosque takes on sectarianism

In a country where sectarian violence is spiking, Zahid Iqbal is playing an innovative role in trying to bring peace to Pakistan's competing Islamic sects by simply not taking sides. His mosque in the capital Islamabad markets itself as "sect free" and is open to everyone. Despite pressure, Iqbal has refused to follow convention and define the mosque as Sunni, Shiite or any of the other subgroups that divide Islam, sometimes violently...................Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)

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Muslim scholars who appear to get easily 'hurt' by opinions and interpretations of Islam outside their own schools of thought have been told to be more realistic.

"My message to them is 'grow up'," said Dr Syed Farid Alatas, the prominent Malaysian professor who heads the Department of Malay Studies at the National University of Singapore.

Alatas was responding to a question posed by a participant during a seminar yesterday on the growing threat of sectarianism among Muslims, organised by three local Islamic organisations.

Besides him, other speakers at the seminar, themed "Islam Without Sectarianism" and moderated by well-known writer and social critic Dr Farish Noor, were Prof Karim Crow from the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS), Dr Haidar Bagir from Indonesia's Paramadina University, and Dr Mohamad Hashim Kamali, chairman of IAIS who delivered the inaugural speech......... Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)