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15 January 2020 (Wednesday) 09:30am - 5:30pm
Venue: IAIS Malaysia, Jalan Elmu, Off Jalan Universiti, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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Education is a means of gaining knowledge and developing good habits. There is no greater asset that a young person can obtain than a good a education. An uneducated or poorly educated person is unlikely to have a good life. Talented individuals may find ways to servive, but for the uneducated........... Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)

In this two-part series on 'Extremism, Terrorism and Islam: Juristic and historical perspectives', Mohammad Hashim Kamali, founding CEO of IAIS Malaysia, discusses the various forms of religious extremism, and how they triumph wherever moderation is weak................Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)

Available in two-parts, Part I and Part II

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Thursday, 26 February 2015 16:48

Islam, extremism and moderation

Extremism and violence are universal phenomena that have existed throughout human history, and are not particular to any religion, social or ethnic group. It threatens all regions, societies and religions. Yet, radicalism is expanding, both in the West and East; people are becoming more radical and much brutal in the...................Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)



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