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Islam was a religion of love, and Taj Mahal proves it

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In the early 1630’s, right around the time the Puritans were beginning to build Boston, Mumtaz Mahal died in childbirth. In those days, tragically, many women died in similar circumstances. But Mahal was a queen. Her husband was ruler of what may have been the wealthiest empire in the world. His power and riches were immense. But he could not save the love of his life. In one night, the legends went, all the emperor’s hair turned grey. Grief-stricken and inconsolable, the man whose very name meant....................Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)
Haroon Moghul


Haroon Moghul is a fellow at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding He is an author, essayist and public speaker. Follow him @hsmoghul <>.