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Avicenna workIbn Sina was one of many great minds of the Muslim world during medieval ages, whose multifaceted studies encompassed diverse scholarly fields such as exegesis, law, logic, metaphysics, mathematics, astronomy, and medicine. He played a considerable role in the development of both Eastern and Western philosophy and science. George Sarton, author of The History of Science, described Ibn Sina as “one of the greatest thinkers and medical scholars in history” and called him “the most famous scientist of Islam and one of the most famous of all races, places, and times.” For the British philosopher Antony Flew, Ibn Sina was “one of the greatest thinkers ever to write in Arabic,” while the Canadian 1913 as “the author of the most famous medical textbook ever written.” Osler added that as a medical practitioner,............. [click here to download the full article in pdf]

Elmira Akhmetova

Mrs Elmira Akhmetova is a Research Fellow at IAIS Malaysia.