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Ibn Qaiyyim al-Jawziyyah

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This great Damascene scholar Shams al-Din Muhammad ibni Abi Bakr al-Zuri is famously known by his laqab nickname as Ibn Qaiyyim al-Jawziyyah. His father was the qaiyyim (superintendent) of the Madrasah al-Jawziyyah. The Madrasah al-Jawziyyah, located next to the Chief Judge’s (qadi al-qudat) office, was considered the official seat of Hanbali jurisprudence in greater Sham (Levant). It was named after its founder – Muhyi al-Din al-Jawzi (d. 656/1258) – son of the famous Hanbali scholar Abul Faraj Abdur Rahman ibn al-Jawzi al-Qurashi (d. 597/1201). Due to the similarity in the two names – ibn-al-Jawzi and ibn Qaiyyim al-Jawziyyah – many have often confused one................ [click here to download the full article in pdf]