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Bediüzzaman SAID NURSI

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Few Muslims of the twentieth century have made as great an impact on their countrymen and upon Islamic renewal than the Ottoman intellectual and spiritual activist 'Mulla Said‘ known as Beddiüzzaaman 'Wonder of the Age‘ for his penetrating intelligence. The preservation of contemporary Turkish Muslim identity owes its validity largely to Nursi‘s untiring labors and model non-violent activity. His collected letters Risale-i Nur /Epistle of Light seek to demonstrate through clearly reasoned arguments and easily understood stories and comparisons, that Islamic revelation offers a rational explanation of existence and how the universe functions, while the truth of religion corroborates and reinforces modern scientific discoveries. Some Muslims view him as the saintly 'Renewer‘ for the 14th /20th century........ [click here to download the full article in pdf]



Karim Crow

Karim Douglas Crow is a Principal Research Fellow at IAIS Malaysia.