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Al-Shafiʿi: Champion of the Sunnah

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SHAFI'IMuḥammad ibn Idrīs al-Shāfiʿī (d. Rajab 204 /20th January 820) had a profound impact on the foundation of Islamic legal theory and played a significant role in the Muslim intellectual scene during the latter-half of the 2nd/8th century. He is revered as ṣir al-sunnah ‘defender of the Sunnah’ who established one of the foremost legal schools, and is noted for reconciling Hadīth-based jurisprudence with Ijtihād-based fiqh. His integration of received Tradition with Rationalism offers an important model for Muslims today............ [click here to download the full article in pdf ]



Karim Crow

Karim Douglas Crow is a Principal Research Fellow at IAIS Malaysia.