Ibadah haji medan semarakkan solidariti bela umat Islam tertindas

MENJELANG kemuncak hari wukuf di Arafah pada Sabtu ini di Arab Saudi, dijangkakan sekitar 31,000 jemaah haji Malaysia akan menyertai hampir dua juta jemaah haji seluruh dunia menunaikan Rukun Islam kelima itu.

Haji adalah ibadah sangat unik kerana mengandungi pelbagai aspek amalan berbentuk syiar dan ritual seperti berihram, tawaf, sai, wukuf, melontar jamrah dan sebagainya lebih bersifat ta'abbudi, iaitu dilakukan dengan tujuan menzahirkan ketaatan semata-mata kerana Allah SWT.

Namun pada masa sama, terdapat banyak aspek lain pengajaran dan iktibar dapat direnungi daripada ibadah haji ini. Salah satu aspek dilihat kurang diberikan perhatian hari ini ialah ibadah haji sebagai titik memupuk kesedaran solidariti umat Islam global.

Mass Graves and the Hospital ash-Shifa Massacre : Its Relevance to ICC Evidence

ICC prosecutor Karim Khan released a press statement on May 20, 2024, highlighting the filing of applications for warrants of arrest against Hamas resistance leaders allegedly for crimes of extermination, murder, and torture. Israeli Zionist leaders Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant too face accusations of starving Gazans, the inhuman treatment of civilians and attacking Gaza. However, the differing tone and specificity of these accusations raise concerns about the ICC's impartiality. Hamas leaders seem to bear a disproportionate share of the accusations, while the discovery of mass graves at al-Shifa and Nasser hospitals, indicating potential crimes against humanity and committed by the occupying regime, apparently have been dismissed.

Gilley's Colonial Advocacy Sparks Academic Firestorm Amidst Global Resistance

Bruce Gilley’s ‘The Case for Colonialism’ is nothing short of a blatant controversy, which argues for the potential benefits of colonialism. It has ignited a fierce debate highlighting deep divisions within the academic community. The intense opposition to his views underscores a broader resistance to revisiting or reinterpreting colonial legacies which many view as unequivocally negative. Nonetheless, the defense by figures like Noam Chomsky suggests that, despite the prevailing condemnation, there is still support for engaging with contentious ideas.

In his article, Gilley suggests that colonialism, as a governance style or an extension of Western authority, can only re-emerge with the consent of the colonised, despite the historical trauma and resistance experienced by indigenous peoples worldwide, such as the situation in Gaza, where the Palestinians endure severe oppression, suppression and violence. As this is being written, over 36,000 Palestinians have fled Rafah following evacuation orders as Israeli forces are moving into the land to continue their decimation of the Palestinians. Yet another relentless displacement ensues.

Russian media impressed by Malaysia's achievements in badminton

KAZAN: Malaysia's achievements in badminton have attracted the Russian media's attention, with a request for its champions to train Russian players.

The request was made during the press conference of Professor Dr Maszlee Malik, chairman of the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia, at the media centre of the 15th International Economic Forum "Russia-Islamic World: KazanForum 2024" here on Wednesday.

IAIS explores potential collaborations with institutions from Russia, OIC countries at KazanForum 2024

The International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia aims to explore collaboration opportunities with institutions in Russia and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries during its attendance at the XV International Economic Forum Russia – Islamic World: KazanForum 2024.

IAIS chairman Prof Dr Maszlee Malik, expressed his mission to promote cultural diplomacy with Russia and other participating countries during his inaugural participation at the Kazan Forum.

“There are a lot of things we can explore through the platform of cultural diplomacy. IAIS is working closely with the Embassy of Russia in Kuala Lumpur to promote cultural ties.

Palestine is a state waiting to be recognized

Once again, as a matter of routine, the US has vetoed a Palestinian request to the UN Security Council for full UN membership and, by that, prevented the only global political body with the power to bestow such a recognition from doing so.

This was a reflection of another of Washington’s contradictions regarding the Israeli-Palestinian issue, as its foreign policy chiefs, including President Joe Biden, are repeatedly expressing their support for a two-state solution, the logical conclusion of which is an independent Palestinian state.

However, this has not meant recognition of Palestinian statehood prior to a peace agreement with Israel, but highlighted that there is broad international support for such a recognition and brought to the fore the question of whether recognition would accelerate peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, slow it down or make no difference.

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Rumpun Nusantara: Leveraging Indonesia’s new leadership for bilateral sustainability with Malaysia

The appointment of Prabowo Subianto as the new president of the Republic of Indonesia has the potential to enhance bilateral relations between Malaysia and Indonesia. The relationship between the two countries is already built on a strong foundation, with mutual interests in strengthening cooperation. Prabowo’s interactions with Malaysian counterparts, including his visit to Malaysia and meetings with officials, have highlighted the importance of defence ties and the potential for collaboration in various areas, such as security, economic development and social cooperation. 

Malaysia perlu pelopori usul gantung Israel di UNGA (in Bahasa Malaysia)

Sudah dua minggu sejak Majlis Keselamatan Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) meluluskan Resolusi 2728 terbaru yang yang mendesak Israel segera melaksanakan gencatan senjata di Gaza.

Meskipun dianggap satu detik bersejarah apabila resolusi ini berjaya diluluskan dengan sekutu kuat Israel, Amerika Syarikat (AS) tunduk kepada tekanan antarabangsa dan mengambil posisi berkecuali daripada proses undian, rejim Zionis tetap berdegil dan menggiatkan lagi keganasannya terhadap rakyat Palestin.

Politicising the ceasefire while the Palestinians are forced to become “human animals”

When Israeli defence minister, Yoav Gallant, declared on Oct 8 last year that the Palestinians were “human animals”, he and Israeli Prime Minister really seemed to have plans to literally make that a reality.

And I believe this is one of the reasons behind the vetoes by the United States of three United Nations Security Council resolutions calling for a ceasefire in Gaza the earlier part of this year. With these vetoes, the slaughter of Palestinians trapped in the world’s largest open-air prison became much easier for the marauding occupation army. To date, more than 32,000 people have been killed, mostly women and children.

The hollow gesture of US food drops in Gaza

As the world watches in horror, the Gaza Strip, already ravaged by months of Israeli atrocities, has begun to face a humanitarian catastrophe: famine. While the death toll from Israel’s relentless aggression has surpassed 30,000, the Famine Review Committee, the gold-standard international body that analyses famine risk, warns that Gaza teeters on the brink of starvation. Reports are already pouring in of children succumbing to malnutrition.


Will Bushnell’s self-immolation douse the flames of injustice and oppression in Occupied Palestine?

ON FEB 25, a United States air force serviceman torched himself to death in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC.

He was protesting in the most meaningful way possible against the ongoing genocide in Gaza. In the words of commentators who have made the effort to highlight the self-immolation amid a near total Western media “blackout”, Aaron Bushnell’s action was the “sincerest” and most powerful message for everyone – not just the world’s leaders – to get up and do something for the people of Gaza.


National Unity Approaches and Strengthening Regional Confidence

Despite the disappointment with positions taken by some Arab and Muslim states, it's crucial not to succumb to Israeli propaganda that seeks to divert accountability for the crime of genocide in Gaza. International law stipulates clear obligations for the occupying power to protect lives, which Israel has ignored. On top of that, Israel has deliberately barred international officials, including the Secretary-General of the United Nations and other independent dignitaries or observers from entering the Gaza Strip.


Palestine's redevelopment, peacebuilding efforts must include empowering climate justice

In the heart of the Middle East, Palestine stands as a testament to resilience, facing multifaceted challenges that span political strife, socio-economic devastation and environmental degradation.

Amidst this, Malaysia's unwavering commitment to supporting Palestine through this unimaginable humanitarian crisis is a testament to our solidarity.

As we delve into this intricate tapestry of support and solidarity, Malaysia would assert that empowering climate justice is key to resilience and peace.

The Zionist regime’s outright rejection of the latest ceasefire proposal confirms its genocidal bent

Despite the waves of anger at the continuing slaughter of Palestinians in the Gaza strip which now sees over 28,000 dead and of which about two thirds comprise women and children, there seems to be no respite to the sufferings of the Palestinians there.

The demands for a ceasefire have been very loud indeed right from the beginning of the Zionist regime’s onslaught on the enclave, but nothing has come out of it despite the “pauses” that allowed a trickle of aid into the devastated region.

Israel is not a nation like any other, it has been and continues to defend its stubborn, hard-headed occupier-colonial mentality at every opportunity, hence its steadfast, committed refusal to accept any ceasefire until it achieves its “objectives”.

Diplomacy in Action: Malaysia's Comprehensive Engagement in the Palestinian Cause

Following more than three months of Israel's indiscriminate bombardment on Gaza, which has resulted in approximately 25,000 casualties and left 65,000 more wounded, including a significant number of children, women, and the elderly, the region has become a global focal point of deep humanitarian concern. Disturbingly, statistics from the UN World Health Organization indicate that over 1.5 million Gazans (out of 2.2 million) are displaced, while more than 18 hospitals lay in ruins or are non-operational. Furthermore, essential resources such as food and water are dwindling perilously, emphasizing the critical need for urgent international intervention.

Syed Hamid gesa Malaysia wujudkan duluan antarabangsa terhadap pelaku genosid

Kerajaan Malaysia dinasihatkan supaya mewujudkan satu duluan antarabangsa dengan memulakan prosiding perundangan di mahkamah tempatan terhadap mereka yang bertanggungjawab melakukan genosid.

Dalam ucaptamanya di Hari Memperingati Genosid 2024 (GMD) pada Ahad, bekas Menteri Luar Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar berkata Malaysia perlu menimbangkan untuk melakukan intervensi secara konsisten dan menggunakan langkah perundangan bagi menyokong rakyat Palestin dalam kerangka perundangan antarabangsa.

Kes Afrika Selatan Di ICJ Tegaskan Komitmennya Terhadap Keadilan (in Bahasa Malaysia)

KUALA LUMPUR - Tindakan terpuji Afrika Selatan mengheret Israel ke Mahkamah Keadilan Antarabangsa (ICJ) kerana melancarkan tindakan ketenteraan ke atas Gaza menunjukkan komitmen negara itu terhadap keadilan dan akauntabiliti, kata Institut Pengajian Islam Lanjutan Antarabangsa (IAIS)) Malaysia.

Dalam satu kenyataan pada Selasa, IAIS mengiktiraf komitmen bersejarah Afrika Selatan dalam memerangi rejim apartheid, membuat persamaan dengan perjuangan menentang ketidakadilan di Semenanjung Gaza dan Palestin secara keseluruhan.

People Should Rise Up’: Scholar Urges Muslim Unity in Face of Genocide in Gaza

This is according to CEO of International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS), Dr. Syed Azman Syed Ahmad Nawawi, who made the remakes in an interview with IQNA.

Talking about the issue of Muslim unity, he acknowledged that imperial powers have been trying for “many years” to “put a discord among Muslims and disunite the Muslims.”

IAIS sending letters to world's religious leaders to call for a Gaza ceasefire

Former Education Minister Prof Dr Maszlee Malik issued an urgent plea to global religious leaders, urging their united efforts in advocating for peace in Gaza.

Stressing the pivotal role they hold, he highlighted the critical need for their influence in fostering both peace and humanitarian relief initiatives within the region.

Invoking Article 99 of UN Charter should lead to a sovereign Palestinian state

In invoking Article 99 of the UN Charter, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres not only draws attention to the urgent need for a ceasefire in the Middle East but also underscores the broader quest for a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This pivotal moment presents an opportunity to not only address the immediate crisis but to lay the groundwork for charting a path toward a sovereign Palestinian state.

Calling for global solidarity for climate and peace at COP28: Support for climate actions and humanitarianism in conflict zones

In the volatile crossroads of climate change and conflict, humanity grapples with an unprecedented crisis, demanding urgent action and resolute solidarity. The accelerating impacts of climate change, particularly pronounced in conflict-ridden areas, necessitate collective global endeavours like never before.

The nexus of climate change and conflict
For regions fraught by conflict, the consequences of climate change intertwine with the harrowing realities of warfare, amplifying the suffering of already vulnerable populations.