Special lecture: “Bringing Back Substantive Morality in Islamic Discourse & Practice: Economy, Politics & Society”

Friday, 23 February 2024
10:00am - 11:30am
Venue: Boardroom, IAIS Malaysia

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Historically, Islamic civilization thrived on moral values like justice, compassion, and fairness. However, modern influences and political upheavals have eroded these principles, leading to a disconnect between Islamic ideals and present-day practices. Today, scholars, activists, and leaders advocate for a revival of Islamic ethics. This entails promoting fair business practices, ethical governance, and social justice based on Quranic teachings and the Prophet's traditions.

In this special lecture, Prof. Mehmet Asutay, Director of the Durham Centre for Islamic Economics & Finance at Durham University, delves into the crucial topic of bringing back substantive morality in Islamic discourse and practice, particularly within the realms of economy, politics, and society. As an esteemed scholar in Islamic economics and finance, Prof. Asutay offers insights into how ethical principles derived from Islamic teachings can address contemporary challenges facing Muslim communities worldwide. Through his expertise, he explores the significance of integrating moral values such as justice, compassion, and fairness into economic systems, political governance, and societal structures. This lecture serves as a platform for dialogue and reflection, aiming to inspire a renewed commitment to Islamic ethics and a more equitable, compassionate society.

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