Examining Contemporary Global Challenges: An Analysis Through the Lens of the Quranic Objectives

Saturday, 22 July 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm (Malaysian Standard Time GMT +8)

Guest Speaker: Professor Dr. Jasser Auda, President, Maqasid Institute Global

Moderator: Mr. Wan Naim Wan Mansor, Research Fellow, IAIS Malaysia


IAIS Malaysia is proud to announce an upcoming special talk featuring Prof Dr Jasser Auda, a renowned scholar and world authority on the subject of Shariah Objectives in Islamic Law. Prof Dr Jasser Auda is currently the President of Maqasid Institute (Global).

The event aims to provide valuable insights into addressing contemporary global challenges by exploring the principles outlined in the Quranic Objectives.

Prof Dr Jasser Auda's lecture, titled "Examining Contemporary Global Challenges: An Analysis Through the Lens of the Quranic Objectives," promises to be a thought-provoking and enlightening discourse for scholars, academicians, researchers, students, and anyone interested in understanding the relevance of Islamic law in today's world.

Prof Dr Jasser Auda will delve into the complex reality of current challenges, including the emergence of a multipolar world, war and security crises, climate change, the hyper-digitized society, and the LGBTQ movement. He will propose that the Quranic Objectives (Maqasid al-Quran), as a framework inspired by revelation, provide guidance for Muslims to make sense of these challenges and navigate through them effectively.

During his lecture, Prof Dr Jasser Auda will explore the Quranic Objectives and demonstrate their applicability to the multifaceted issues of our time. He will shed light on how these principles, rooted in the teachings of the Quran, offer a comprehensive framework for Muslims to address the complexities of the contemporary world.

By contextualizing these contemporary challenges within the framework of the Quranic Objectives, Prof Dr Jasser Auda will highlight the guidance provided by Islamic law for Muslims seeking to navigate and contribute positively to the world they inhabit.

IAIS Malaysia is honored to host this remarkable event, which fosters intellectual dialogue and provides a platform for in-depth discussions on Islamic law and its impact on contemporary issues. This special talk by Prof Dr Jasser Auda will undoubtedly contribute to a better understanding of the Quranic Objectives and their implications in tackling the complex challenges of our time.

Watch the recording of this event at >> IAIS Malaysia's FB page.


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