Public Lecture: "Prosperity Through Faith: Creating Sustainable Madani Society" by Dr. M. Yaqub Mirza

13 February 2023 (Monday)
08:30pm (Malaysian Standard Time GMT +8)
Venue:  Zoom / IAIS Malaysia's FB Page

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In a world that is increasingly complex and fast-paced, it can be challenging to find peace and fulfillment. However, many people have found that integrating their faith into their daily lives can lead to a greater sense of purpose and prosperity. This is particularly true when it comes to building a sustainable society.

The Madani concept emphasizes the integration of Islamic values and principles into all aspects of daily life, including personal conduct, relationships, and community involvement. It seeks to promote a balanced and holistic understanding of Islam that is grounded in compassion, knowledge, and good deeds. The goal of the Madani concept is to create a harmonious and prosperous society that is based on compassion, cooperation, and mutual respect.

In this special public lecture, Dr Yakub Mirza, author of the Five Pillars of Prosperity: Essentials of Faith-based Wealth Building, through his long-life dedication to philanthropy and activism, will share his extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of Islamic wealth management, investment and finance, and provide valuable perspectives on how our beliefs and values can shape our approach to creating a sustainable and thriving society. 

Speaker's Profile

Dr. M. Yaqub Mirza is President and CEO of Sterling Management Group. He is also an Advisor to the Board of Trustees of the Amana Mutual Funds. Dr. Mirza is a member of the Board of Directors, University Islamic Financial Corporation, and is a member of the Board of Trustees, George Mason University Foundation, Inc. He holds a M.Sc. from University of Karachi, and a PhD in Physics and an MA in Teaching Science from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is the author, most recently, of Five Pillars of Prosperity: Essentials of Faith-Based Wealth Building (White Cloud Press, 2014). He teaches courses on Islamic finance and faith-based wealth building at TFI.

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