Islamic Education Talk Series: Insan Rabbani Concept as A Basis for Educational Sustainability

17 February 2022 (Thursday)
10:00am - 11:30am (Malaysian Standard Time GMT +8)
Venue: ZOOM /  IAIS Malaysia's FB Page

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Within the last six decades, the focus or direction of education has been experiencing various shifts due to social, economic, and political changes. Islamic education focusing on sustainability is an approach that aims to instil students, schools, and communities with sustainability values and motivations which will then be reflected in their personal lives, community, and on the global stage.

This approach also attempts to develop the knowledge, skills, values, and world-views necessary for people to act more sustainably in their daily lives. We, at IKRAM Musleh, believe that the most important factor in ensuring educational sustainability is through the lasting and unchanging approach of inculcating the fundamentals of ‘Insan Rabbani’ amongst our citizens.

Becoming an ‘Insan Rabbani’ is a process rather than a result. It is a lifelong process to be terminated only when one is called upon by our Creator, Allah s.w.t. The fundamentals of Insan Rabbani are based upon two important principles. First, the characteristics of Insan Rabbani must be observable, manageable, and measurable. By conducting periodic assessments at specific periods of one’s life, we can measure the development of Insan Rabbanic characteristics.

Second, the characteristics of Insan Rabbani are defined in the form of constructs. In this paper, we propose that the concept of Insan Rabbani consists of 11 constructs. The constructs are (1) Physical Vigour, (2) Pure Heart, (3) Strong Spirituality, (4) True Aqidah/Faith, (5) Correct Ibadah/Worship, (6) Exalted Character, (7) Extensive Knowledge and Deep Understanding, (8) Compelling Wisdom, (9) Competent Leadership and Management, (10) Unflagging Call to Islam, (11) Benevolence to All. These constructs form the basis or principles through which one’s becomingness can be identified.

This webinar will conclude with some general descriptions of the assessment system, referred to as International Quality Range Assessment (IQRA), which assess and measure these 11 constructs through the spider-web graph method.

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