Webinar: Islam & Futures Studies

05 October 2021 (Tuesday)
8:30pm - 10:30pm (Malaysian Standard Time)

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Futures studies has recently gained renewed attention worldwide. It is a field of study that tries to map possible, probable, and preferable futures for humankind. Research in the field includes the systematic, interdisciplinary, and holistic study of social, technological, and environmental advancement. Historically, the birth of futures studies was triggered by humanity’s realisation of the need to and prevent the repeat of past global conflicts such as World War II and the Cold War, and predict future catastrophes.

With the current pandemic COVID-19 situation shaking humanity to the core, as well the looming environmental and global crises, there is an urgent need for serious thinking and planning for our future. Futures studies, without a doubt, is the way forward. To this pursuit, there are numerous dedicated courses, journals, projects, and even institutes set up for this purpose.

In the midst of all of these global developments, Islam’s position remains relatively unexplored. As one of the prime civilisational forces that moulded human history in the past, Islam contains a rich source of wisdom regarding the future. Therefore, come and join us in our latest webinar on ‘Islam & Futures Studies’, featuring some of the most prominent, futuristic-thinking scholars in our Muslim world today.

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