Round table discussion: “Child Sensitive Social Protection in Malaysia: Current State, Challenges & Way Forward"

17 July 2018 (Tuesday) 08:30am - 1:00pm
Jointly Organised by
IAIS Malaysia

Venue: IAIS Malaysia, Jalan Elmu, Off Jalan Universiti, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Child Protection



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On 17 July 2018, a Round Table Discussion on “Child Sensitive Social Protection in Malaysia: Current State, Challenges & Way Forward” was jointly organised by UNICEF, IMAN Research, International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS).

Child-Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) comprises policies, programmes, and systems that address the specific patterns of children's poverty and vulnerability and recognize the long-term developmental benefits of investing in children as well as the obligation to fulfill their rights. There is a growing body of evidence from a range of countries that social protection programmes can effectively increase the nutritional, health, and educational status of children and reduce their risk of abuse and exploitation, with long-term developmental benefits. Social protection is increasingly viewed as a key investment in human capital and by making social protection child-sensitive, it can break inter-generational poverty traps from the outset.

The co-organisers aim to provide a platform for exchange and build robust collaborations and partnerships amongst state governments, government agencies, policy makers, religious experts, and child advocacy/welfare groups.

The overarching objectives of this event are as follows:

1. To produce a non-partisan and objective knowledge to help key stakeholders and inform the government of effective policies and programmes on child sensitive social protection floor;
2. Gathering contemporary and traditional scholars to revisit the position of a social protection system for children from Islamic classical texts; and
3. To produce a white paper report on policy and/or legal reform on social protection for children from an Islamic perspective.




Child Protection Programme


Download PowerPoint Presentations (in PDF format)

  1. - Presentation by Dr. Amjad Rabi
  2. - Presentation by Mr. Chua Choon Hwa
  3. - Presentation by Dr. Farah Nini Dusuki
  4. - Presentation by Ms. Gillian Gan
  5. - Presentation by Prof. Dr. Halimah Awang
  6. - Presentation by Prof. Dato' Noor Aziah
  7. - Presentation by YB Dr. Siti Mariah



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