IAIS Malaysia and The Cordoba Foundation (TCF) meeting


Meeting held in London on 16th  August 2010


Amjad Saleem The Cordoba Foundation (TCF)


On 16 August 2010, a meeting took place at the London Muslim Centre (LMC),in Whitechapel, London, between the Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) and The Cordoba Foundation (TCF). In attendance were Mohammad Hashim Kamali (representing IAIS Malaysia), accompanied by his wife, Anas Altikriti (TCF), Amjad Saleem (TCF), and Abdullah Faliq (TCF).


The meeting’s discussions included brief introductions to each organisation, their mandates and work outline along with descriptions of each organisation and identifications of areas of synergy and collaboration between the two organisations. The topics discussed and agreed upon included the following:iais_tcf_meeting

  • There are areas of commonality for research between the two organisations;
  • there is a need to develop a framework of cooperation and a paper exploring the potential areas for cooperation, especially with reference to being representatives of each other in the respective countries, Malaysia and the United Kingdom;
  • both organisations will link each other on their respective websites;
  • IAIS Malaysia is to create a space for TCF in its journal and other publications (and vice versa);
  • there would be potential collaboration with regard to IAIS Malaysia’s Occasional Paper Series (OPS) and Monograph Series;
  • IAIS and TCF could promote each other’s works and publications in their respective regions. Publications and articles that highlight new areas of research and collaboration should be identified;
  • Professor Kamali, IAIS Malaysia, and TCF could help with developing a workshop (and toolkit) for non-Muslims on the topic of ‘Justice in Islam’, which could also function as a precursor for a joint conference and publication;
  • Professor Kamali has been invited to join TCF’s new board of advisors, whereas Anas Altikriti has been invited to write about the LMC in IAIS Malaysia’s publications and to  become a member of the International Advisory Board of IAIS Malaysia;
  • a basic agreement to look at a joint conference, including its theme/title/program.

The next step in the cooperation between TCF and IAIS Malaysia is to develop this conceptual framework and to discuss it further.

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