First Anniversary & Launch of Commemorative Volume

The International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia celebrated its First Year Anniversary on Thursday 29th October 2009. This event featured a keynote speech by the Patron of IAIS, former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi, and the launching of our illustrated book IAIS Malaysia: The First Year and The Road Ahead.book_launch

At the top of the research agenda of IAIS Malaysia is civilisational renewal (tajdid hadhari) and establishing a fresh climate of trust between various faiths and ethnic groups. By publishing its high quality quarterly journal, Islam & Civilisational Renewal, and its series of Occasional Papers and monographs, the Institute seeks to raise the level of discourse among Muslims as well as between civilisations.


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IAIS MALAYSIA: The First Year and The Road Ahead

comm_voluThis volume highlights our Islamic Think Tank, dedicated to civilisational renewal in the Muslim world. IAIS provides sound policy research for Muslim societies and governments on critical issues of modernity. The First Year and The Road Ahead describes numerous public lectures, seminars, round-table forums and special events convened over our first year of existence.  

In order to have real and continuing impact, our civilisation-enhancing work requires higher levels of material and moral support over an extended time. IAIS humbly asks its friends to assist by purchasing copies of this beautiful volume and sharing them with colleagues and family.

Professor Mohammad Hashim Kamali
Founding Chairman & CEO, IAIS Malaysia.
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