Anwar's Role in Bridging the East and West: Global Muslim Perspectives

25 January 2023 (Wednesday)
08:30pm - 11:30pm (Malaysian Standard Time GMT +8)

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Without a question, the newly minted Malaysian Prime Minister's main priority is to address the rising cost of living and the adverse effects of the upcoming global economic slump. Nonetheless, Prime Minister Anwar's leadership in global affairs should not be taken for granted given his international recognition and close ties to important world leaders.

World leaders from different nations have expressed their high regard for the Prime Minister. Their correspondence and even official visit shortly after Dato’ Seri Anwar was named Malaysia's tenth prime minister make this clear. This may strongly suggest that Malaysia and other nations are forming a stronger strategic alliance.

While the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has seen a breakthrough in the normalisation of relations between Israel and numerous Arab countries, which will have a significant impact on the survival of the Palestinian state and the fate of its residents, the tragedy of the Uighurs persists. In addition, the deadly aftereffects of a decade of war are causing greater suffering and hardship for Syrians. Additionally, political unrest is intensifying in Yemen and Baghdad, the Rohingya's fate is unchanging, and there is an increase in Islamophobia worldwide. These are all the subsequent global crises that have occurred against the backdrop of Anwar's ascent to premiership.

The new premier's biggest challenge will be to uphold moral commitment in managing Malaysia's relations with other countries while safeguarding the interests of the country. Both are meant to be antagonistic, but with the right approaches, the opposing tendencies might actually work in harmony.

We have invited speakers from all around the world to participate in this IAIS Malaysia (Online) Forum to talk about Anwar's contributions, particularly as Malaysia's Prime Minister, to bridging the divide between Muslim-majority countries in the East and the West's nations.

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