International Quality Range Assessment (IQRA): The Holistic and Integrated Assessment for Insan Rabbani

21 July 2022 (Thursday)
10:00am - 11:30am (Malaysian Standard Time GMT +8)

poster 21JUL2022 

The International Quality Range Assessment for Islamic Education (IQRA) was developed in 2017 and is currently an ongoing project. It is designed to assess the extent to which students, at the end of their compulsory education process, have achieved the expected educational outcomes in terms of applying their knowledge to real-life situations and being equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to function well in society.  Through IQRA's 11 constructs,  human development based on Islamic ideals is given centre stage in the Islamic Education system. Consequently, any neglected aspects of the student's character can be addressed by teachers, parents, and the students themselves. This comprehensive assessment framework is an attempt to mainstream outcome-based education into the Islamic education system.

PowerPoint Presentations (in PDF format)

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