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Israel's attempt at Normalisation in Nusantara

Israel's attempt at Normalisation in Nusantara IAIS pic
22 July 2021 (Thursday)
8:30pm - 10:30pm (Malaysian Standard Time)

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For the first time, online activism around the globe has driven a groundswell of support for the Palestinian cause, with even many global personalities and Hollywood celebrities openly chastising Israel for their recent onslaught on Gaza and violence in Jerusalem. Throughout the barrage of international condemnations, however, Israel found an unsuspecting opponent in the form of Malaysian and Indonesian social media users, to the point that official mouthpieces of the IDF and other celebrity proponents of Israel felt the need to directly respond to them.

The Malay Nusantara nations, often represented by the three Muslim-majority countries—Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei—have always been ardent supporters of the Palestinian cause. On 15 May, the three nations issued a joint statement condemning “in the strongest terms, the repeated blatant violations and aggressions, carried out by Israelis, targeting civilians.”

As a result, the three Nusantara nations have always been a subject of special interest in Israel’s rigorous campaigns of normalisation, and this was reiterated by an official address by the Israeli ambassador to Singapore, Sagi Karni, on June 17. Under this backdrop, this forum, jointly organized by IAIS-ISTAC-MAPIM will be discussing the imminent challenges and opportunities in facing Israel’s normalisation campaigns in the Nusantara, particularly given the latter’s rich cultural, religious, political, and historical background.

1. Prof. Dr. Azyumardi Azra, Syarif Hidayatullah UIN Jakarta

2. Tuan Hj. Azmi Abdul Hamid, President, MAPIM

3. Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmad El-Muhammady, ISTAC- IIUM

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Azam Mohamed Adil, Deputy CEO, IAIS Malaysia

1. IAIS Malaysia



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