Mohammad Hashim Kamali

Mohammad Hashim Kamali

Professor Dato' Dr. Mohammad Hashim Kamali is founding CEO of the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia.

Tuesday, 09 November 2010 18:21

Islam’s views on sorcery, black magic


SORCERY or witchcraft (sihr) is often equated with trickery aimed at conflating falsehood with the rational association of causes and effects.

Sorcery is difficult to define. Our knowledge of sihr and what is not within reach of our sense perception is also limited.


The available information in the scriptural sources of Islam also falls short of elaboration ondetail. Sihr may aim at inflicting harm on its object or at realising a benefit, and the sorcerer often resorts to irrational and impermissible means. Muslim scholars have differed on the reality of sihr........ Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)
environmentThe introductory  remarks  that appear at the outset of this article draw attention to  the planetary crisis humanity is facing due to  the degradation and disturbance of its living environment. The succeeding discussion expounds the human- earth relationship in two parts, the first of which draws attention to a set of principles, beginning  with that of Divine Oneness (tawhid) and the vision it conveys of the common predicament of man with the rest of the created world. Then follows a review of  the Qur’anic principle of vicegerency of man (khilafah) in the earth which designates  humankind as a trustee and custodian of  its natural  environment. This is followed by a discussion of the principle of trust (amanah) in Islam which is closely related to khilafah......... Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)
Friday, 22 October 2010 10:30

Syariah stand on abandoned children

newborn-babyMUSLIM jurists have addressed the issue of an abandoned child (laqit) from different angles beginning with the existence of a basic obligation to save its life. There is general consensus that it is a collective obligation (fard kifa'i) of the community to save the abandoned child, and it is an obligation in the first place of the individual who finds it.

That obligation is elevated to an emphatic personal duty (fardu 'ayn) of the finder in the event of imminent fear over the death and injury of the child. This is due to the explicit Quranic emphasis on the sanctity of life contained in the injunction that "one who saves one life, it is as if he has saved the whole of humankind"........ Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 17:01

A Political Solution Awaits Afghanistan


NOTHING seems to be going right to lighten the darkness that is taking hold of Afghanistan.
June was the worst month for casualties among foreign troops, with 66 deaths, in the nine years they had been there to battle Islamic extremism and rescue the rubble-strewn country from decades of war.


The BBC tallied last month that roadside bombings had nearly doubled in the first quarter of the year from the same period last year, assassinations were up by half and suicide attacks by 100 per cent. More than a thousand have been killed in the first six months of the year....... Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)

Wednesday, 02 June 2010 11:22

Human Dignity in Islam


This article explores human dignity through a reading of the Qur’an and hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad), the two most authoritative and widely venerated sources of Islam. It is presented in four sections, beginning with a review of the textual evidence on human dignity, to be followed by a similar review of God-man relationship, then also a discussion as to how the Qur’an guides and depicts as to how the humans should relate to one another while observant of each other’s dignity. The discussion proceeds to examine the juristic positions of the leading schools of Islamic law on the subject, and ends with a conclusion that underscores the effects of these guidelines on the realities of Muslim life...... Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)

Tuesday, 01 June 2010 16:32

What makes the Muslim leader


"LEADERSHIP challenges for the new era" was the subject of a plenary session at the sixth World Islamic Economic Forum in Kuala Lumpur. The topic generated a lively discussion among a panel of eminent speakers. Surin Pitsuwan, secretary-general of Asean, moderated and referred in his opening remarks to the Quranic phrase ulil-amr (those in charge of affairs, Q.4:59), raising the question as to who were the ulil-amr of today, who could usher us into the new era......... Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)

Tuesday, 06 April 2010 17:09

Western model fails in Iraq, Afghanistan


The twin concepts of constitutionalism and democracy normally nurture and endorse one another, yet they are not the same and can, in certain circumstances, stand in a state of tension. Whereas democracy is focused on majoritarian rule, constitutionalism demands commitment to the rule of law.The United States and Europe tend to see drafting a constitution as a way towards a negotiated peace, especially in post-conflict situations. This may theoretically seem appealing, yet it could also run counter to its desired objectives and cause greate......... Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010 12:19

Transgenders, from Islam's perspective

Gender_signsISLAMIC jurisprudence provides only some detail on the treatment of persons who combine the characteristics of both sexes: transgenders and hermaphrodites (khuntha), and men with innate effeminate tendencies (mukhannath). Issues of concern over their inheritance rights, qualification as witnesses, and rules of female privacy (satr) are discussed.

I shall review some of these, but then......... Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)

Allah_quranThe  extraordinary sensitivity that Malaysian Muslims have manifested over the non-Muslim use of ‘Allah’ leaves one  in no doubt  that theoretical generalities would fail to address the situation we are faced with. It is clear that Malaysia is untypical of much of the rest of Muslim world and the issue we face here is one of its kind in that it touches on acute religious sensitivities one has little choice but to ......... Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)
Monday, 21 December 2009 17:01

Citizenship: an Islamic perspective

Islamic Law and CultureCitizenship in its contemporary context has developed in tandem with the expansive role and functions of the nation state. The Islamic notions of belonging to a political community, territory, and a system of rule are all present in the source data of the Qur’an and hadith. Yet they remain undeveloped and also burdened with accretional jurisprudence that has developed around the notions........ Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)
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